April 14, 2000

The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, or steals the last donut at breakfast, don't get mad, send them a voodoo doll. It's easy and you don't have to make a trip over to the local witch doctor. Simply fill out the form and attach a thoughtful message and before you know it, you've cursed someone. Keep in mind, however, that they can curse you right back. So be careful who you curse.

Sushi Fortune Telling
If you enjoy eating sushi and like reading the messages in fortune cookies, then visit this site for the best of both worlds. Choose uni, yellow tail, ebi, maguro and other sushi selections to get your fortune told. After you choose five pieces of sushi, then you get revealing messages about love, money, career, family and wishes.

The Big Waste of Space
Watching a boring slideshow of your neighbor's last vacation can be pretty dull, but reading about someone's adventures visiting odd places around the United States is another thing altogether. On the Big Waste of Space, read travel stories about eating gigantic donuts in California, visiting the world's tallest fountain in Arizona and stalking the Brady Bunch House in North Hollywood.

Sodaplay has developed a site that is part online constructor set, part pet. It may be hard to define, but it sure is fun to play with. Move the dancing wire-frame creature around on your screen by adjusting the buttons. You'll be messing with this little critter for hours. See what happens to it when you turn off the gravity.

Sick of sitting in front of a computer day after day? Long to drive the open road as a career? Have a craving for truckstop cuisine? Perhaps you should quit your job and become a truck driver. Layover.com is the trucker's resource for news, jobs and maps. Read advice on how to start your trucking career, or at least learn the ten most useful CB codes. That's a 10-4, good buddy.

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