April 21, 2000

The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
What do you do when your whole world is shaking to its foundations? That's exactly what the unlucky citizens of San Francisco were asking themselves in 1906 during the Great Quake. Look at black and white photos of total devastation of this historic earthquake, or read eyewitness accounts from the people who lived through it. The site also has information on the casualties and damage, as well as general information about earthquakes.

Bad Burns
Sideburns aren't just for Elvis and members of Metallica anymore. In fact, just about every civilization has had men with sideburns. According to the site, ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all had major leaders with sideburns. Check out the history section for an unusual explanation of where sideburns originated, or browse the celebrity list to look for your favorite hairy actor or cartoon character.

Meet Vivian. She's one of those beautiful, successful, 20-something New Yorkers who seems to have it all, except a real body. She's not human. She's an avatar full of sassy opinions. Wander through her apartment room by room and look through her drawers. Read her journal, turn the pages of her photo album, or pet her disgruntled dog.

Kodak Birdcam
You don't need to get a pair of binoculars to watch the peregrine falcons up close in their nests. With the Kodak Birdcam you can spy on these interesting feathered friends in their nests. Originally, these birds lived on the edges of cliffs, but now they perch high on top of tall buildings in nesting boxes. Read about how these majestic creatures rebounded from threatened extinction.

UFO Report Form
Was that a flying hubcap or an alien spacecraft? If you think you've recently spotted a UFO, you'll probably want to fill out this form. Just fill out your name, address, contact information and a description of what you saw. Then the National Institute for Discovery Science does the rest.

WASAW: Writers and Artists Snacking at Work
Before you pop some Milk Duds in your mouth, think about all the other snacks out there for you to choose from. WASAW: Writers and Artists Snacking at Work has an insightful take on junk food. Writers and artists on the site review and catalog every conceivable snack from Pop-Tarts to canned baked beans. Each review has a snack description, price, weight, ingredients list and rating. Soon you'll be snackin' like a pro.

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