April 28, 2000

75 Years of Band-Aid
If you've ever scraped your knee or gotten a nasty paper cut, you've probably at one time or another used a Band-Aid. On the 75 Years of Band-Aid site, you can step back in time and see the designs of Band-Aid tins over the years. Some are stylish, others are cartoonish in style.

Neo Henshin Cyborg
G.I. Joe is so last millennium. If you want a toy that looks as futuristic as it gets, try playing with Neo Henshin Cyborg. Part human, part robot, this Japanese toy will probably intrigue you more than entertain.

The Guys Vs. the Girls Burping Contest
Feminism is alive and well — even in belching competitions. See which gender deserves the title as the best burper. Gloria Steinem would be so proud.

Peace Corps Application
Are you tired working day after day in a job with few rewards? Want to see other parts of the world besides your safe, little suburban dwelling? Perhaps you should apply to become a member of the Peace Corps and help someone who would truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication. You might end up with something more valuable than pre-IPO stock — compassion.

Interview With the Search Engine
With all those search enigines out on the Web, it's surprising that no eager journalist figured out a way to interview one. Until now, that is. Read a thought-provoking interview with the bot behind Ask Jeeves. Jeeves isn't the most coherent conversationalist, but he does have plenty to say.

Web-based artwork is particularly troubling when its main focus is on surveillance, tracking and covert activity. Click on the blinking dots to see where you might get pushed out onto the Web. Will you find yourself gazing in disbelief at a military Web site, or end up somewhere even more spooky?

Do you know how much a Web editor in San Francisco makes as opposed to one in Denver? Want to find out if you're getting paid enough to be a bartender or a hotel attendant? This site will either depress you about your current salary, or encourage you to ask for a raise.

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