May 5, 2000

Zen Meditation Instruction
Sometimes we're so busy with our daily lives that we never take time out to simply slow down and relax. If you want a chance to concentrate on your breath for a change, or if you're a beginning student of Zen Buddhism, you should visit this how-to guide about zazen meditation. Sitting still, staring at a blank wall while counting your breaths might initially sound easy, but once you sit there for a while, you'll notice how fast and constantly your mind races from thought to thought. Practice these meditation techniques and experience zazen firsthand.

Nutella Quick and Easy Recipes
Leave it to Nutella to tempt us with recipes like Nutella dog and tropical Nutella bagel. You can spread this hazelnut concoction on just about anything — graham crackers, hot dog buns and tortillas. The company says the dessert-like condiment is better for you than plain old peanut butter. But I have a feeling that the sugar rush is the same.

Otter Cam
They're cute, furry and amusing little critters. Watch otters at play with this special cam sponsored by National Geographic. The site also has plenty of interesting facts and tidbits about these playful water animals. You don't even have to get wet!
If you'd rather read about celebrity gossip than check the sports page, you'll get a nice array of entertainment rumors from Read columns by Liz Smith, or stare at the ticker of breaking news from the Associated Press until something sparks your interest.

Why buy something new when you can borrow it from someone else? On iShareStuff, you can ask to borrow everything from chainsaws to tuxedos without spending a dime. Or if you have plenty of things to lend, go ahead and offer up that brand new wok! Plus you get to determine who can see the items on your list to lend or borrow so you're only interacting with other friends, if you so desire.

The Stories of George the Hamster
Who knew a hamster could have so many adventures? Follow cuddly little George around as he walks on the moon, takes part in the Battle of Copenhagen and takes the gold medal at the hamster Olympics. What a rodent!

Daze of Our Lives
Humor is in the ear of the beholder. Daze of Our Lives might not be the funniest site you read online, but it will most definitely intrigue you. Nineteenth century woodcut illustrations are given humorous lines of dialog that only the Frasiers of the world could chuckle at. Read a few and see if you get the punchlines.

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