May 12, 2000

Amazing Wooden Bike Company
Be the first kid on your block to own a custom-created wooden bike with a cow head on the front, or a bike in the shape of a dragon. These bikes have some serious attitude. Think of them as the tricked-out lowriders of bikes. Get the Snake, Dragon or the Uprider style and be the envy of every paperboy.

Large Hot Pipe Organ
How would you like to play the world's only MIDI-controlled, propane-powered explosion organ? Stand in line. Anyone who thinks they're an expert in industrial music has yet to behold this bizarre instrument.
If you're going to waste all your money on a metal Dukes of Hazzard lunch box, you might as well have your cash go to a good cause. Bid on toys, clothes, music and other items from Goodwill and the proceeds from auction sales fund education, job training and job placement programs for people with disabilities and other disadvantages.

Inside Chiquibul
Try your hand at some virtual spelunking. Climb around Chiquibul, Central America's largest cave. National Geographic explorers show you the insides of this magnificent cave with an online interactive adventure you won't want to miss.
Got ants in your pants? Lucky you. If you're into these tiny little dirt dwellers, then you should learn plenty at Read the latest ant-related news, or chat with others who have built their own ant colonies.

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