May 26, 2000

The Official Barry Williams Home Page
Here's a story about a man named Barry . . . You'll remember Barry Williams as the eldest and often the most troubled boy in the Brady Bunch household. Since writing the tell-all book Growing Up Brady, he's become a bit of a pop culture icon. On his official site, he's posted photos from the Brady years and beyond. He even posts information about his new CD, The Return of Johnny Bravo. Heck, he even sings a cover of the song "Hip to be Square."

The Stinkymeat Project
This is exactly what happens when you have too much spare time and leftover meat. Imagine, if you will, a bored individual with a webcam who wondered how long it would take hot dogs, hamburger meat and a steak to rot in his neighbor's backyard. Then he posted the footage online. You'd be amazed to find out how many bugs it takes to devour a package of hot dogs!

Children can be so cruel, especially when they gang up on you at recess and choke you with a lollipop. At Sissyfight, you can play an interactive game where as a little girl you can scratch, tease or tattle on all the other girls. You can even trash-talk each other in speech bubbles during the fight. It's just like recess, only better.

Periodic Table of Funk
Before you can appreciate some good soul tunes, you'd better brush up on your funk facts. Everything from James Brown to Thelonious Monk is explained on the Periodic Table of Funk, the only scientific resource you'll ever need.

What I Have Read Since 1974
Kids don't seem to read much these days, but in 1974 a kid named Eric Leuliette started to flip the pages of books like a madman. He's kept a list of everything he's ever read since then so that someone out there can benefit from his enormous bibliography. It's fun to see his interests change from year to year. When he was just a wee lad he read a lot of books about dogs but then as he started to get older books about outer space took over.

ABC News: The Wolf Files
News doesn't always have to be serious. ABC News columnist Buck Wolf often reports on the topics no one else cares about. Here's an archive of his latest columns on the Brady Bunch, Hugh Hefner, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Gary Coleman and Uri Geller.

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