June 2, 2000

Japanese Snacks
If you don't have a Japantown where you are, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth with unusual treats from this site. Order all the Pocky you want, or be adventurous and try some Kasugai Green Tea candy.

Thrasher magazine
Any old-school skateboarder can tell you the benefits of reading a magazine like Thrasher. You can get skate tips, athlete profiles and deck buying advice. If you skate at all, then there's probably something useful for you to read in Thrasher.

Dr. Seuss Went to War
Dr. Seuss wasn't just concerned with green eggs and ham. In fact, before he began writing children's stories he was drawing political cartoons as the chief editorial cartoonist for the New York newspaper PM. The site has over 200 drawings from Dr. Seuss covering topics such as war bonds, Hitler and other elements of World War II. It's very disturbing in a way to spot Seuss-like characters in the throes of war and ethnic stereotypes.

Write your name written in braille. Use this free Web-based transcribing service to send braille messages in 19 different languages. Plus you can talk with other people interested in braille.

The eSkeletons Project
Ever wanted to see the insides of a baboon, or the skeletal structure of a chimp? On the eSkeletons Project you can browse through high-quality images of bones complete with 3D renderings and animation.It's fun to compare the similarities and differences between the skeletons of a human and a baboon.

They Drew Fire
While some soldiers fought during World War II, others painted the scenes of death and destruction. These "combat artists" included more than 100 U.S. servicemen and civilians who painted and drew over 12,000 pieces of art. As a companion site to the PBS documentary They Drew Fire, you can browse through the art gallery or learn more about the artists who waged war with their paintbrushes.

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