phreaky phun

August 16, 1996

8-Track Mind
8-Tracks aren't dead, they're online. See which bands made the 8-Track Hall of Fame (you'd be surprised!) and find out from an exclusive report what kind of 8-Tracks to play on the road to attract UFOs.

John Mann's Wacky Packages
If you're going to collect something cool, try these stickers. Parody images of Cracked Jerk, Hawaiian Punks and Super Cigar Crisp make this a fun journey back to junior high humor.

Faces of Death
Ever face death vis-a-vis? Now's your chance to order the very snuff films everyone talked about in high school. Everything from the electric chair in action to fatal animal attacks turn your VCR into the eyes of the Grim Reaper.

Interactive Voodoll Doll
Sick of being the welcome mat for your friends? Tired of being stood up on dates? Take actions into your own hands and torture enemies with this Voodoo doll. You can use candles, needles and a hook knife.

Slaughtering Program
They slaughter 200 ostriches per week. You'd think the dumb birds would at least try to fly away...doh!

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