June 23, 2000

Thunderbirds Online
If you like puppets and James Bond storylines, you'd dig the show Thunderbirds. This series using "Supermarionation," a blend of puppets and robotics, was created in the '60s by the mad genius Gerry Anderson. Read about the characters and download special screensaver

The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame
William Shatner isn't the only celebrity who likes to sing his little heart out. His co-Trekkie Leonard Nimoy also likes to belt out a few tunes when he's not attending sci-fi conventions. Listen to sound files of other singing celebrities who have no shame like Joe Pesci, Sebastian Cabot and Andy Griffith.

Unicycle Baby Guy
These tiny little films by Matty Sidle really do make you think to yourself, "What the heck?" As far as I can tell the movies are about a little guy on a unicycle who just wants to play with an unusual assortment of characters, only to constantly have his unicycle tire deflated. And his only true pal is a talking shoulder. Hmmm.

Don't know the first thing about buying a ferret? Need to cure a hangover? Thinking about getting a tattoo but don't know where to start? Soyouwanna.com is here to help, no matter how weird your dilemma may be. This "how-to" site has advice in such categories as lifestyle, apartments, health, work, education, money and more. There's even a bizarre category to show you how to hold a seance and how to talk like an indie rock expert.

Unofficial eWorld Farewell Site
Oh how we miss the good old days of narrowband eWorld. Remember little eWorld village with its faceless, handless citizens who welcomed you every time you logged in? Or what about the friendly email alerts? If you have fond memories of this short-lived ISP from Apple, then you can commiserate with others about how empty your online life is without the tunic-wearing eWorld mascots.

Stupid Scanner Tricks
Cell phones are not only annoying to the average Joe, but they offer little in ways of privacy. As a matter of fact, if you know the tricks of the trade, you can listen in on cell phone conversations with your scanner, ham radio or CB. One of the other tricks includes showing you how you can hang up someone's call if you're within 30 feet of the caller.

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