June 30, 2000

Art Caskets
Caskets don't all have to be so dreary. In fact, if you have a sense of flair or humor, you can go underground in an art casket. These coffins are sure to raise a few eyebrows at your funeral. Choose from a wide array of decorative coffin scenes such as murals of the New York City skyline, the calming ocean, the majestic mountains or the Last Supper. You can even be buried in a casket with the words "Return to Sender" painted on it.

MotoMama Magazine
Girls can ride motorcycles just as well as the boys. And here's the zine to prove it! Read profiles of women who like to ride and race motorcycles. The magazine also has articles, product reviews and event listings so the sisters of cycles can stay connected.

If you haven't watched at least one episode of the reality-based Gilligan's Island show "Survivor," then you're missing out. But if you're one of those people who can't stand watching strangers be catty with each other while they're marooned in paradise, you should check out this site. Get the lowdown on every past episode and read the funny cast bios.

An American's Guide to Canada
Canada isn't all about moose and mounties. Read an American's point of view regarding all the cool things to do in Canada. Get the dirt on Canadian history, culture, sports and roadside attractions. And if you never want to leave Canada, don't panic. The site comes with a handy guide on how to immigrate there.

Diner City
Fancy-schmancy gourmet restaurants just can't compare to good, old-fashioned diners. If you plan on taking a trip across the United States, here's a guide to all the best diners. Whether you're lost in Decorah, Iowa, or visiting family in Louisville, Ky., you'll be able to find a quality diner near you. This site has plenty of photos, reviews and facts about some of the most beloved greasy spoons.

Tree Circus
Ever come across a tree that looks like it's grown into a modern art sculpture? Visit Tree Circus and see photos of Axel Erlandson's amazing living trees. He prunes, twists, bends and shapes them into works of art fit for a museum.

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