July 21, 2000

Kabuki for Everyone
Founded in the 17th century, this traditional form of Japanese theater often had female roles played by men refered to as onnagata. This site has the history of Kabuki as well as summaries of major plays, video clips of recent plays and sound files of the intruments used in Kabuki. The site also has a step-by-step photo essay of an onnagata transforming himself into a beautiful woman.

Mood Ring Page
When you place a mood ring on your finger, does the stone turn black immediately? Maybe you harbor more anxiety than you think. Try on this interactive mood ring for size. And perhaps the stone will turn turquoise and you'll be relaxed and calm.

VW-F-V: Volkswagens in Film and Video
Even with the shiny, new VW bugs on the road, some motorists still pay homage to the classic models. Case in point this site. The VW-F-V: Volkswagens in Film and Video site documents every single movie, TV show, cartoon, commercial, music video or song that mentions or depicts the classic VW bug. No kidding. You'd be suprised where those bugs pop up. Even The Twilight Zone, Seinfeld, The Green Hornet and The Stepford Wives all had VW bugs in one scene or another.

Roadside America Pet Cemetery
All pets deserve our love and attention, even when they're gone from this existence. Check out the Roadside America Pet Cemetery for the Noble Dog Mausoleum, an elephant burial ground, celebrities and behemoths.

The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide
Searching for a really big bass? Before you bait that hook, consult the articles and advice on the Bass Fishing Resource. Read tips about using soft baits like gitzits, grubs and plastic worms. Or study up on techniques like doodling, flipping, pitching and nightfishing. There's also a section just for beginners which explains equipment basics, selecting a fishing rod, and knowing your hooks.

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