July 28, 2000

Old Woodies
Nothing says class like wood grain. If you dig old wood-clad cars and trucks, then this woodie tribute site is the place for you. Get the history on such classics as the 1924 Renault, the 1946 Ford and the Africar. There are plenty of photos and art depicting these old woodies in their heyday.

Corporate Goth
Yes, it is possible to be Goth and keep a corporate job. You don't have to exchange your spiderweb stockings for a pair of J. Crew chinos just because you started working at a pre-IPO Internet company. Get tips on how to stay Goth, without freaking out your coworkers.

Tick Tock Toys
Sometimes the best part of a McDonald's Happy Meal wasn't the cheeseburger, but the cheap toy prize. For those of us who'd rather play with the promotional merchandise than eat the food, there's Tick Tock Toys. This site showcases toys found inside cereal boxes, fast food containers and other food packaging. But don't stop there! You can also check out photos of store displays, Funny Face drink mix, playground equipment, theme parks and more.

Deja Vu
The Web isn't as new as well all think. Remember the pulsing N from the original Netscape? Or NCSA Mosaic's primitive icons? Take a stroll down digital memory lane with this site that pays tribute to the Web browsers we almost forgot.

Most folks with a Palm Pilot use it to take notes during long meetings or for storing important phone numbers. Sabrina likes to use it to draw cute little illustrations of what she's eating during the day. To see her extensive doodle collection, click on the "see today's menu" link on the bottom black line of her site. All her drawings come with short explanations about the food she ate and the events that happened while she was munching.

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