Aug. 4, 2000

Spud's Travels
Ever wonder what your toys do when you're not watching them? Spud is a Mr. Potato toy with amnesia who escaped the clutches of evil giants to travel the world. See him tour Britain, Las Vegas, and the American Southwest. There are plenty of photos of our world traveler riding his toy car through uncharted territory

Stop Alien Abductions
Sick of being abducted by aliens? Perhaps you're just not wearing the right hat. Believe it or not, now you can stop those abductions by wearing hats, also called thought screen helmets, described on this site. Apparently, the helmets work since the people behind the site say they've never been abducted while wearing them. Who knew a something that looks like a ski cap could deter aliens?

Drum Machine Museum
If you like music without real Keith Moon types playing the skins, you'll dig the scene at the Drum Machine Museum. The site features photos, specs, manuals and sound files from various drum machines throughout the years. Lizards!
They're scaly, sun-worshipping, freaky-lookin' critters. But they sure are cute. Browse images of lizards of the world, or read about lizards' special traits that keep them alive in the desert. You can even send your family and friends special lizard e-cards.

Unofficial Breakfast Club Quotes Page
"Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?" Relive arguably one of the best teen angst movies of the '80s, with the Unofficial Breakfast Club Quotes Page. Read sayings from John Bender, Claire, Allison, Andrew, Brian and Mr. Vernon. And find out if there was ever a punchline to the joke Bender was saying to himself while climbing through the ceiling vents of the school.

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