Aug. 18, 2000

Dreams of Space
Go back in time to when space travel was merely a fantasy in children's books. In Dreams of Space: Space Art in Children's Books from the Fifties to the Seventies, you can browse through book illustrations of rockets, spaceships, satellites and more from 1883 to 1974.

Random Goth Lyric Generator
You don't have to be in a major depressed state to write quality goth lyrics. You don't even have to wear black. Just click on this generator and get the lyrics of pain and mental torture you've been craving. "Terror dances on lonely despair."

The Complete Pricing Game Directory
Do you remember the rules to Flip Flop? What's the difference between the games Double Digits and Double Prices? On the Complete Pricing Game Directory, you can read about all the different games played for prizes on the TV show "The Price is Right." Each game description has background information and photos. Discover which games aren't played any more and get tips on how to win at Switcheroo.

Top 10 Vomit Scenes
There are movies that make us cry, laugh and scream. But how many movies literally move you to be sick? Luckily for you, E Online has compiled a list of the top 10 movies that have the best vomit scenes, complete with video clips! No joke.

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