Sept. 15, 2000

Snake Robots
There's absolutely no reason to be afraid of snakes, as long as they're friendly robots. On this site, you can watch movie clips of robot snakes that slither and slide across the floor. Heck, they don't even bite.

Ugly Cat of the Month
Your cat might be cuddly and friendly, but he sure is ugly! That's OK. Sometimes it's cool to own the least attractive cat in the neighborhood. Take a snapshot and enter your kitty portrait in the Ugly Cat of the Month contest.

The Spirit of La Llorona
Think of La Llorona as a Central American take on the Blair Witch. The legend of Llorona, otherwise known as the Weeping Lady, is based on a story about a woman who apparently was blamed for certain deaths of the Aztec people which resulted in her future legacy as a ghost. Read personal accounts of and research on this haunting figure in folklore. Was she really a witch? A beautiful siren? A ruthless harlot? Or an innocent virgin?
If you're old enough to remember Edsels, than you'll appreciate this online homage to a special kind of car. Read the history behind the Edsel and find other auto hobbyists who adore a vehicle some folks mockingly refer to as an "Oldsmobile sucking a lemon."
All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy. While you're slaving away in your cubicle, visit for a gigglefest of comics, games and stories. Just make sure your boss isn't standing behind you when you do it.s.

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