Sept. 22, 2000

Time Machine Toothbrush
When kids don't like to brush their teeth, what's a parent to do? Apparently the solution lies in this humdinger of a gadget called the Time Machine Toothbrush. As the child brushes, he or she is encouraged by blinking lights and color-coded brush heads. It may look more like a toy than a toothbrush, but they swear it works on regular kid chompers as well as tykes with braces. Too bad it doesn't really transport you back in time as you fight cavities.

In Passing
Eavesdropping is really an art form. You have to pretend you're not listening to coversations, or else run the risk of getting caught and looking like a chump. In Passing does all the hard work for you. Read this collection of overheard conversation snippets broken down into categories such as funny, ironic, bizarre and tragic. Best quote so far is, "Harry Potter, Pottery Barn, what's the difference?"

Egoism/Altruism Test
Are you an egoist or an empath? Take the Egoism/Altruism Test to find out if you think the world revolves around you, or if you're actually capable of thinking of others first.
Do you like getting free CDs, books, hats, T-shirts, pantyhose, coffee and other products? is the portal for those of us who love sending away for free samples. Keep in mind, for some of these "free" items you have to register your email at various sites or answer trivia questions.

Archaic Medical Terms
Have an annoying case of Abasia-Astasia? Scared of contracting bowel hive or brain wasting? Chances are, if you're using archaic medical terms like these, your doctor is from the middle ages or you're using an extremely out-of-date medical textbook. On this site, you can read about diseases that we used to call some creative names. After all, Grog Blossoms sounds much more interesting than just calling them pimples.
If you enjoyed reading those Weekly Readers in elementary school, might be a fun pit stop for you to read news and watch videos. Past stories have included tidbits on new robot pets, election coverage, animal discoveries and historical figure profiles. There are special sections meant for both students and teachers. Now where's that comics page?

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