Oct. 27, 2000

The Simulator
Ever fantasize about making Big Macs in a McDonalds? Go through all the fun of creating masterpiece burgers without having to risk getting burned in a french-fry grease fire. On this site, you're the employee. You get to choose whether to take a shower when you wake up, what to wear, what to eat for breakfast and even how fast you drive to work. Once you're at work you have to make a certain number of Big Macs before you are allowed to go home, just like in real life! But the fun doesn't stop there! Once you're back in your casa you can eat dinner, watch TV or go to bed early.

MooseCam Live
Spotting a moose in Anchorage, Alaska isn't too unusual. And thanks to MooseCam Live, you too can sit in front of your computer and patiently wait to see a moose mosey on by. It's not too exciting, but you never know when you'll see a flying squirrel hanging out with him.

End Daylight Savings Time
Apparently not everyone is a big fan of turning their clocks forward or back an hour simply to adhere to daylight-saving time. The site has some interesting arguments for ending this biannual tradition. According to the site, most farmers as well as the U.S. Farm Bureau are opposed to daylight-saving time. Read why daylight saving time started and why it's pretty much useless to continue observing it.

In Search Of
Remember the strange and unusual documentary TV series, "In Search Of?" Well, it's returning to TV with a brand-new look and feel, and they have a snazzy Web site to prove it! The original show's creator and a maverick young filmmaker team up to give a facelift to one of the coolest paranormal news shows around. Sign up for the newsletter, or simply wander around the site for information on Bigfoot, ancient astronauts, the Loch Ness monster, ghosts and more.

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