Nov. 17, 2000

Ice Hotel Glace
Looking for a warm and cozy place to rest your weary head? Keep looking. Ice Hotel Glace, located in Quebec, is a palace made from 4,500 tons of snow and 250 tons of ice. The entire structure is made from snow and ice, and has ceilings up to 16 feet high! Even the furniture is made from ice blocks. Plus the grand hotel has two art galleries, a movie theater and the famous Absolut Ice Bar.

Lego Star Wars
Can't wait for the next installment of the "Star Wars" movies? Why not watch your favorite scenes acted out with Lego toys? The movies "The New Hope," "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" are all painstakingly re-enacted with toys. Jabba the Hut sure looks weird.

David Hasselhoff
You might remember him from such TV shows as "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch," but did you know that David Hasselhoff is famous in Europe for his rock star persona? Hey, he's really huge in Germany! No joke. His album "Looking for Freedom" was on the top of the charts there for three months, and he was named "Most Popular and Best Selling Artist of the Year" in Germany. Read more about his music career on this official site.
What does it take to be considered a bad ad? According to this site, there are four qualities that make a bad ad. First, the ad can't be turned off, such as billboards. Second, the ad enters your home without permission, such as an annoying telemarketer. Third, the ad makes you a captive audience, like at movie theaters and ATM machines. And last, it costs you money. This would include email spams and junk faxes. Learn how these bad ads are invading our schools, sporting events, computers, phones and fax machines. And find out what you can do to stop them.

Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors
Just because you don't have a Zen master living next door to tell you intriguing stories doesn't mean you can't find some tales online. Read stories about chasing rabbits, the elephant and the flea, Gutei's finger, knowing fish and more.

Covad: Hamster Taxidermy
As far as intro animations to corporate sites goes, this one beats the rest by a head - a hamster head that is! Covad shows us its weirder side with this happy sing along about hamster taxidermy. You have to see it to believe it.

Popular Myths About Avalanches
Apparently, avalanches aren't caused by hikers yelling on the slopes. It takes a much louder boom sound to trigger avalanches. Also, avalanches don't just strike without warning. There's always a reason, and usually it's a careless human.

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