Dec. 1, 2000

David Blaine
David Blaine is the kind of unique magician who likes to levitate on command and scare unsuspecting people on the street. He's pals with Leonardo DiCaprio and dated Fiona Apple. This time around, he froze himself in a block of ice in Times Square.

Melanie Online
Some celebrities love their fans to know about all facets of their lives. Case in point, Melanie Griffith. Sure she's going through a lot in rehab, but for some reason finds it theraputic to build an entire Web site around it. Read her daily journal entries about staying clean, and find balance in her online meditation room.

Museum of Useful Things
Fine art isn't the only thing you should be appreciating. Go to the Museum of Useful Things to pay proper homage to items like mousetraps, shopping carts, soap dispensers and wire coat hangers.

TealPaint Art Gallery
What do you do on your PalmPilot when you're not scheduling a meeting or downloading email? Maybe you should start thinking with the other side of your brain for a change and sketch a few digital portraits. See what others are drawing on their PalmPilots in this funky online gallery.

The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Do you watch reruns of every cop and lawyer show on TV and scour the police blotter section of the newspaper daily? If so, maybe you should check out The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics. Here you'll find every kind of crime fact broken down into various categories like characteristics of the criminal justice systems, public attitudes toward crime, nature of known offenses, characteristics of persons arrested and so on. It's interesting to browse and see which kind of crimes high school seniors were most likely to commit, as well as crimes mostly likely to occur in suburban areas. Garrison Keillor
You probably know this endearing storyteller from the radio show "A Prairie Home Companion." But remarkably enough, Garrison Keillor has some valuable advice when it comes to weird relationships and family issues. Under the name of Mr. Blue, Keillor answers reader mail about dads who are addicted to Internet porn, girlfriends who cheat on their boyfriends in Vegas and a guy who can't help but be a momma's boy.

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