Jan. 5, 2001

Sure you see handcuffs used in police dramas and magician performances, but how much do you really know about handcuffs? Read some interesting facts and images on vintage handcuffs and thumbcuffs.

The Mirror of My Soul
No jewel shines quite as bright as Neil Diamond. This famous singer/songwriter has captured the hearts of so many people for so many years that it was about time we paid some attention to him here. Check out this site for an extensive collection of fan photography featuring Neil in concert.

If you went to church growing up, you probably don't remember all those long sermons you sat through every Sunday morning. But if you replace a minister with a talking cucumber who can play the tuba, your memory might just kick in a little quicker. VeggieTales mixes animated veggie characters with easy-to-follow stories that relate messages from the Bible. Go to the site and watch examples of this unusual approach to teaching children about topics like courage, selfishness, understanding and thankfulness.

Collecting Simpsons
Watching Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Maggie in their happy little cartoon town of Springfield isn't enough. Memorizing everything Millhouse and Krusty the Klown say isn't enough. You must collect every "Simpsons" doll, comic, T-shirt, key ring, book and action figure, if you want to call yourself a true fan. Good thing this Web site exists to remind you of all the "Simpsons" stuff you need to sit and gather dust on your shelves.

Banjo Hangout
When someone says the word banjo, do you think of "Hee-Haw" reruns and hillbillies? Maybe you need a crash course in the coolness of banjos. At the Banjo Hangout, discover why this stringed instrument has its own kind of charm. Get tabs online and learn how to play the banjo based on your level of skill. And if you get a little out of control, don't worry. There's also a section on how to fix your banjo.

DLGDyer's Coffee Mug Heaven
While most of us cringe at the thought of receiving yet another coffee mug as a present, DLGDyer has given these beverage containers the respect they deserve. Be prepare to marvel at the variety of mugs in this collection. There are mugs of every theme: military, tourist traps, organizations, companies, people, events and complete random themes.

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