April 20, 2001

Sometimes love makes you the fool, while other times it makes you the psychotic freak who can't help but leave loads of scary messages on your ex's voicemail. Such is the case on Psychoexgirlfriend.com. Apparently this is the real deal. Some poor bloke broke up with his girlfriend who then proceeded to leave voicemail after angry voicemail about everything from his lack of compassion to asking a long laundry list of stuff returned. And lucky for you, all 53 voicemail messages are available to listen to on the site. Some of the messages are funny, while others are downright creepy. Take the "Is Your Girlfriend Psycho" quiz and be sure to also check out the "All Your Cats Are Belong to Mark" shirt in the T-shirt store.

George Bush Loves You
Just type in your full name and find out how much President George W. Bush loves you. It really works! I just discovered George loves me 88%. Hubba hubba. I hope First Lady Laura doesn't mind.

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers
There's no question about it. Kenny Rogers is one sexy fella. But the chances of running into The Gambler are pretty dang slim. So why not drool over a few Kenny lookalikes instead? Browse the Kenny wannabes gallery or just focus on the Kenny of the Month. Heck, there's even a guide on how to look like Kenny yourself. Don't forget to copy down the yummy corn muffin recipe available on the site.

Adbusters: TV Turnoff Week
Sick of all the lame game shows on the telly? Need a break from staring at the little white dots on your TV screen? Now's your chance to rejoin the human race, outside of your living room! On April 23-28, give yourself a challenge and go without TV for a whole week. Read a book, do some mail art, start a zine, or go play with your neglected pets! Just do something that doesn't involve staring at your TV for hours on end. Read some helpful articles on the Adbusters site about how you can kick the TV habit for seven days.

WebCam 709
Who says hamsters can't be Web celebs? And these cuddly critter are so darned cute. Meet Tokyo's own Ronalda and Bianca. Choose from all kinds of cute hamster images to wallpaper your computer, or just watch a movie of the darling duo in action.

Bjork Remix Web
If you think of yourself as the ultimate Bjork fan, you might want to pay a visit to the Bjork Remix Web site. Here you'll find more than 600 remixes of her songs created by talented fans. Each remix can be downloaded or streamed, and have ratings and comments by visitors. Now that's a Hyperballad!

Disquiet: Audio Games
It's a regularly updated list of "audio-games" - online toys that let you play with sound. Zap the vinyl invaders or spin multiple MP3 files. Hours of fun for your brain and your ears.

Monkey Vs. Robot
Here's a nice music video of a freak in an ape suit and a weirdo in a robot costume fighting. Quality entertainment. I love the Web.

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