May 18, 2001

Monkey Phone Call
Need to apologize to your mom for being an ungrateful kid? Scared to call your boss to say you quit this stinking job? Want to let your girlfriend know that you love her but you want to see other people? Let a monkey do the talking for you. For a minimal fee, Monkey Phone Call will call the person of your choice to chat -- like a monkey. Your friends and family might not understand the Simian jibber jabber, but who cares? It's funny!

If you like listening to sound files from your favorite movies and TV shows, then you'll love wasting hours at Soundboards. Just download the files and get an entire soundboard on your computer from TV shows and films like "The Simpsons," "Office Space," "Southpark" and more.

Varla Jean Merman
Any drag queen who can sing while she fills her mouth full of spray cheese is alright in my book. Meet Varla Jean Merman. She's an entertainer with skills. I saw her show about four years ago at Josie's Juice Joint in San Francisco and she brought down the house. She shows funny home movies she made when she was first starting out as a drag queen, and sings parodies of Schoolhouse Rock songs like no one else. On her site, you can find out where her next show is, or buy her latest CD. Heck, you can even guess her weight, if you think you can.

Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered
Dr Pepper fans know that you can't duplicate the best soft drink in the world. But apparently no one told all these grocery stores and soda companies, because as we all know there's a ton of poser pops out there. On this site, you'll find all the various copycats of Dr Pepper on the market. Some of the names are pretty darn weird like: Dr. Whoa!, Dr. Nut and Dr. Buzz.

Save Ferris
More GenXers know who Ferris Bueller is than the Vice President of the United States. But then again Cheney was never this cool, now was he? Ferris skips school one last time as a senior and ends up treating his friends to the best day of their lives. Fans of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" will dig this labor of love site just merely because it's jammed-packed with sound files and trivia facts. You can even make your own movie soundtrack, since one doesn't exist in reality. Plus the site has a movie slide show in case you're too damn cheap to rent the movie.

TRL by Sarah
Some people can't get enough of MTV VJ Carson Daly and his video countdown on "Total Request Live." One such person, Sarah, not only is an avid fan of the show, she borderlines obsessed. On her site, she features every Top 10 video list, as well as treating us to complete detailed accounts of which guests stopped by the studio, funny things that happened, and anything memorable Carson may have said. Eeek.

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