Nov. 9, 2001

The Popcorn Fork
Apparently for some of us, eating popcorn with our fingers is just too difficult. Lucky for us there's the Popcorn Fork! No longer will you have trouble with each fluffy kernel. With the popcorn fork you can eat without worrying about getting your fingers all greasy. Heck, you can get the Dip-Dunker-Bowl and dip your popcorn into all kinds of sauces. There's always room for improvement - even with popcorn.

Shorts and slacks are a thing of the past. The refined gentleman prefers going to the office in an Utilikilt. There's a black tuxedo kilt for weddings, a tie-dye model for play and workman's kilt for fixing the plumbing. And they make the kilts to fit all sizes from your kid brother to your really large uncle. Check out the Customers section to see photos of everyday lads wearing the kilts in style.

Not Tonight, Deer
If any of you are like me and have to run with your fists waving at the deer when they turn your garden into a Bambi buffet, then you might want to try this repellant. Frustrated gardener Arlene Lind from Mendocino, Calif., made the repellant after getting fed up with the local deer eating away at her prized flowers and veggies. Her formula is non-toxic and safe to use on the stuff you eat. Plus they sell repellants for squirrels, gophers, rabbit and even armadillos!

Topps - Enduring Freedom Trading Cards
I don't know if I'm shocked or disgusted, or even slightly impressed that Topps has the guts to sell these "patriotic" trading cards. I don't think I'd want my kids collecting cards about horrifying terrorist acts like the World Trade Center. But maybe these cards serve as a learning tool about political history - or maybe someone is trying to make a quick buck. I wonder how much the FBI Director Mueller card will be worth in ten years.

Fancy Space
You don't have to be a 14-year-old girl to appreciate cutesy Japanese stationary and stickers of chubby hamsters, big-eyed waifs and smiling sushi. If you like to send your bills in happy-go-lucky envelopes, or wear your cell phone with a glitter strap you might want to spend some of your hard-earned dinero here. My personal favorite is the puppy-scented 3D stickers. What do puppies smell like anyway?

Buy Mannequins
Look around your living room, or maybe the kitchen. Does it look empty? Is it void of any personality? Maybe you should buy a mannequin to spruce up the joint. You can dress him in outfits, or talk to him during commercials. Either way, a mannequin in your home can really add some character. Sit him by the window to scare away potential burglars, or at least give the place that Norman Bates feeling. This site sells all kinds of mannequins to suit your mood. Or if you can't afford a whole one, you can always just buy a bunch of mannequin hands.

Hip Mama
Being a new mom isn't easy, but being a HIP mom, now that's hard. Get some pointers and truly excellent feminist commentary about what it means to be a mother these days. Read interviews with celebrities Kristin Hersh, Susie Bright, Stella Marrs, Katie Granju and others about motherhood. Or take a glimpse at some thought-provoking articles about adoption, family values, paying the bills and more.

Donnie Darko
It's like Harvey the Rabbit meets Psycho with time traveling mixed in. I'm not sure if the movie will be great, but the promotional Web site for the flick "Donnie Darko" is a trip. Follow the navigation and see if you can get through all the levels for clues and movie spoilers. Or just watch the trailer and get a little spooked out by a teenager who is haunted by one disturbed bunny.

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