Nov. 16, 2001

Fuali Online Tests
Do you get weepy to Ozzy's "Mama I'm coming home?" Did you go to a vocational school? Do you think stars are just rad? Have you read Lord of the Rings more than once? Smell your clothes before you decide what to wear? Have you ever said the following phrase while watching the movie War Games: "8 inch floppies r0x3r?" Believe it or not, by answering all these questions and more you can determine how much of a Goth, geek, EMO, metal head, raver, grunge kid and punk you really are. But this is all in good fun, so don't take these tests to personally when it asks if you've ever worked for a defunct dotcom or failed to bathe three days in a row.

Rosedale Valley Road Gang Dog Coats
I honestly can't explain why seeing tiny dogs in outfits make me happy. I giggle and giggle when I see a bulldog in a biker jacket or a terrier in a snowsuit. So for your enjoyment, and maybe gift-giving ideas for your pooch, here's canine coats, rain gear, fleece jackets, leather garments, T-shirts and even baseball caps all for Fido and Fluffy.

Sock It To Me
Did you ever fall to sleep as a child with a sock monkey in your arms? Were you ever forced to make a sock monkey as a craft project at summer camp? Are you holding a grudge against your mom for selling your beloved sock monkey in a garage sale while you were away at college? Well, now all you sock monkey fans (or folks repressing sock monkey memories) can find a sock monkey to fit any niche on Sock It To Me. Not only does this site sell your basic brand of sock monkey, they also cater to Trekkies, dancers, doctors, cooks, military personnel, clowns, Europeans, soccer fans, martial artists, hunters, police officers and grad students. My personal favorite is the sock monkey wearing a Fez hat.

Pinky's Souvenir Land
Have you come home from road trips and family vacations wishing you had bought that snowdome of Texas from the rustic truck stop, or that floaty pen from the Dollyworld gift shop? Well, now if you have the cash to blow, you can buy as many tacky souvenirs as you want online. This site sells a vast assortment of snowdomes, floaty pens, magnets, spoons and salt and peppershakers. Many of these absurd, yet extremely entertaining, trinkets are vintage specimens from the '40s, '50s and '60s. One of the more memorable floaty pen scenes depicts a baby spitting up food. You have to see it to fully appreciate it.

Tacky Living
Are you sick of Martha Stewart's approach to hoity-toity decorating? Perhaps you're a real kind of person with more eccentric tastes? Welcome to Tacky Living, my friend. Here you'll learn crafts like how to make a miniature abandoned car garden and your own fuzzy dice. Or maybe you'd prefer to whip up some Dump Cake and Tic Tac Pie? This site has it all - book reviews, travel pointers, beauty tips, helpful advice and fun quizzes!

The Brick Testament
Sheesh, sometimes church sermons can be so boring. Perhaps the minister is taking the wrong approach. Well, Rev. Brendan Powell Smith has a revolutionary idea that may change Sunday school forever. Teach the lessons of the Bible using Lego people. No really, I'm serious. This site is chock-full of Bible tales using these blocky little toys. Read about the Garden of Eden, Cain and Able, John the Baptist, the Great Flood, the Seduction of Lot, the Tower of Babel, the Last Supper and the Empty Tomb. I'm anxiously awaiting the Lego reenactment of Revelations.

OddTodd: Laid-Off
After being laid off from two major dotcoms in one year, I can relate to Odd Todd. Here's an animated short that seems a bit more like a documentary for some of us. Follow around Todd during a typical day of sleeping late, watching TV, fantasizing about being useful, panicking about the future and being depressed about having zero funds. For anyone who was recently laid off, or knows someone who has - this may cheer him or her up a tad.

Way of the Exploding Stick
You don't need a black belt to kick butt like Jackie Chan. As long as you can click fast on your arrow keys you can be kung fu fighting in no time with Way of the Exploding Stick. Here's a low-fi game where stick figures karate chop each other for points. Four arrow keys and the letters S, X, D, C, and V will help you unleash your hidden dragon.

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