Jan. 11, 2002

Do You Look Like Your Dog?
It's been widely discussed that many folks tend to have pets that look remarkably like themselves. Muscular bald guys have bulldogs. Women with huge hair have Chows. And long-faced people own Basset hounds. Look for yourself at the proof on this site. And if you're one of those people maybe you should submit a picture of you posing with your canine "twin."

Mothman. Wichita Black Dog. Shroud of Turin. If you want to learn more about these paranormal topics and more, check out TheUnexplained.com. This site not only gives you background information on each bizarre topic, but also lists related articles, resources. sketches, books and links. It's like having a mini-library of weird information.

Contortion Home Page
I get leg cramps just looking at this site. Contortionists are an odd breed of humans who can bend and twist around like pretzels. Go directly to the photo gallery and look up images of back-breaking moves from famous contortionists such as Lena Derejska, Meribeth Old and Krzysztof Rojek. If you think you have the limbs to be a contortionist yourself, be sure to browse the literature and training resources.

K&K Mime Ministries
God works in mysterious ways. And sometimes you need a mime to walk in the wind to show you the light. Meet identical twins Keith and Karl. They "silently interpret contemporary gospel music with dramatic gestures and animated facial expressions." And if that's not enough to pique your interest, they sell T-shirts with a special mime design.

Naturally Shed Antler Furniture
Nothing adds a touch of class to a room like antler furniture! And you don't have to feel guilty about buying an antler mirror frame or chandelier because these antlers were already shed to begin with. Imagine an entire room decorated in antlers. Let's hope you don't live with a klutz.

Cork Dolls
They're cute, cuddly, quirky and made of cork. The dolls themselves aren't for sale, but postcards of them hanging out in their weird little worlds are. Go to the archive to see photos of the dolls as aliens, animals, little kids and adults. You might be inspired to make your own cork creations the next time you open a bottle of wine.

Butt for You
Most people diet and exercise to make their butts smaller. In this case, some men feel as though their butts aren't bug enough. But instead of eating bag after bag of sour cream and onion potato chips, they buy fake rumps. It's safe to wear for sports, it's machine washable and comes with two changeable pads - Slim line pad (Colt) and Regular pad (Stallion). And with that extra padding, you won't feel it when the folks you want to attract can't resist pinching you.

Ant City
Killing ants with a giant magnifying glass is cruel, but pretending you're a giant and doing the same thing to a city of small people is kind of fun. Just place your magnifying glass over the car, pedestrian or helicopter you'd like to torment with the sun.

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