February 7, 1997

Beatles Covers List
Did you know that everyone from Pat Benatar to Husker Du has covered the Beatles' hit song, Helter Skelter? Or that Yesterday is the No. 1 covered Beatles track? Find out which of your favorite bands has paid tribute to the Beatles and their music.

The Slate Diary by David Sedaris
David Sedaris, the author of the book Barrel Fever, invites you into a his life as a playwright and NPR host. The stories of his sister's rabbit, Tattle Tail, and of a girl who sacrifices her bathroom for a boyfriend are side-splitting.

Freeman Mad Lib
Change the outcome of Freeman standoffs everywhere with this Mad Lib site. After swapping a few adjectives here and a noun or two there, the Freemen will never sound threatening again.

Patterns from the 20-60's
If you envy the clothes your mom and grandmother wore, try making your own vintage-looking threads with these patterns. Lots of patterns for dresses, suits, coats, skirts and jumpers are available, as well as hilarious illustrations of men in leisure suits.

Deep Thoughts
Ponder the chaos of life with Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts. Use the quotes, made infamous by Saturday Night Live, as signature files on your email messages - or better yet, on your tombstone. Some of Handey's quotes are downright odd; for example, "Many people never stop to realize that a tree is a living thing, not that different from a tall, leafy dog that has roots and is very quiet." Hit the Reload button for a different saying each time.

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