March 28, 1997

The Complete Lyrics to 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
Sing along with one of the best road-trip songs of all time, 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. This site has the complete lyrics so you'll never lose count of the bottles again. The song is a sure-fire way to annoy any driver on a long trip.

Travelsickness Bags
Ever wonder why the airsick bags on planes are so darn small? Or why some are plain and others have intricate designs and patterns that might make you feel even more nauseous? One man has taken the time to collect these bags and put them online for everyone to admire. While the British Airways bag has actual instructions, the IcelandAir bag looks like any other plain bag. Compare the bags from America and Japan to see which plane you'd rather be ill on.

Kevin's Oddly Different Story Time
Kevin takes two of the most popular children's books and twists them into sadistic tales of playtime gone terribly wrong. Kevin shows the unsafe side of Curious George, who decides to play with a high-tension power line. Kevin also decides to use a giant roll of barbed wire instead of a giant peach for James.

Why travel across the globe to see Stonehenge when you could simply make your own replica out of Ecofoam? This special material looks like stone when sprayed with water. Its construction is 100,000 times faster than the real Stonehenge, and is much lighter.

The House of Diabolique
Meet a drag queen who almost starred in the movie To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, but was replaced by RuPaul.The House of Diabolique serves as a portfolio of modeling photos that tend to be on the more glamourous side of the drag queen genre. She poses as a robot, as an angel and even as a Madonna morph. She has a special dedication page for the troubled actress Margot Kidder as well.

The Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer
If your Mac Classic is beyond repair, or you don't feel like trying to sell that old Amiga, maybe you should consider destroying your computer for the fun of it. Here's a guide that will hold your hand through the demolition process. Take a power drill to the keyboard, and smash your monitor with a small hammer. This could prove to be a good way to get out all those pent-up frustrations about your computer.

The Early Years: Shoplifting
Don't think you can get away with five-finger shopping for a second! Read a tale about a six-year-old thief who takes blue candy without paying for it. Even after punishment from her mom, the narrator continues to steal blue nail polish. Maybe it's the color blue that tempts her into a life of crime.

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