April 18, 1997

The World's Fastest Xylophone Virtuoso
When a clown gave Ralph Heid a xylophone, he didn't have any idea that his playing would make him a star. He played first on stage when he was just three years old, and since then this Swiss musician has been entertaining audiences continuously. Deemed as the fastest xylophone virtuoso in the world, Heid can play up to 1,000 strokes a minute. Go to his site to see him in action, or hear his quick rendition of The Flight of the Bumblebee.

American Tennessee Fainting Goat Association
Ever hear of a fainting goat? They are the goats that save the herd when predators come after them. Supposedly, when a wolf threatens the goats, the fainting goat will collapse and be the wolf's dinner as the rest of the herd runs for safety. As you might predict, this unique breed of goats were becoming endangered for their brave and selfless tactics. Recently, goat lovers took notice and bred them again to keep them from becoming another extinct animal. Read about how to keep one as a pet, or download the movie clip of one of the fainting goats in action.

Not everyone wants a McDonalds break today, or ever. Learn which foreign substance has not been found in McDonalds hamburgers. The site also reports interesting quotes from McDonald's employees including the senior vice-president of marketing, David Green, who said Coca-Cola is considered nutritious by his standards because it's part water. Watch a video clip from the prize-winning documentary, Jungleburger, or visit the cartoon gallery mocking the folks behind the double arches.

A robot can be your best friend. Look at a toy robot exhibit to see how these playful tin men have changed over the years. The site features a robot of the month. Learn all about famous robots, such as Rosie from the Jetsons, Robot YM-3, Cyclops Robot and Robot Commando. Sometimes the box art is cooler than the toys themselves. For a good chuckle, read the box art for Robot Sam The Answer Man.

Carbonate your brain! Shake up your life a bit, and visit the 7UP home page. Listen to a round of live studio concerts from alternative bands such as Spent, Gaster Del Sol, Ani Difranco and others. Looking for a job? The 7UP site has information on finding a career in entertainment, as well as information on volunteering in your own community. After you're done wandering the site, enter to win free t-shirts and mouse pads.

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a relief it is! Anyone who's eaten too many chilidogs and onion pizza knows all about Alka-Seltzer medicine. As kids, many of us would drop the seltzer tablets in the bath tub for a make-shift hot tub with a chalky residue. The best part of this site is the classic ads section where you can discover the long-lost Alka-Seltzer mascot, Speedy. Sing the old jingles, and look at story boards of classic television ad campaigns. The site has crib sheets for students and travel advice too. And don't forget to send away for your free sample.

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