May 16, 1997

Reverse Speech
Did you ever play your rock 'n' roll records backwards to see if the devil was trying to speak to you through the sounds of Joan Jett? That same principle is now being used for something much more important: the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. Listen to sound files of JonBenet's parents speaking at one of their press conferences. First the sound files play what each of the parents say in normal sequence and then replay the same words backwards. Some of these reverse revelations may shock you.

Knucklehead of the Month
We all can't be geniuses. If you're peeved at a special someone who was born without common sense, perhaps he or she is meant to be honored as a Knucklehead of the Month. Read stories about foolish people who try to clean chickens with their ovens and corporate executives who can't figure out new computer-password commands. Feel free to submit your own stories of stupidity.

Super Bad
Think of this as one of the most elaborate home pages on the Net, but without a traditional navigation system. In other words, you never know where you're headed with Super Bad, but you know you'll have fun. This site takes you on a visually intensive tour of fiction, animation and lots of hidden messages. Be prepared to waste a couple of hours on this inventive and highly entertaining site.

Goth Babe of the Week
Girls with dark hair, pale skin and black clothes aren't spooky; they're cute. Meet a good-looking Goth babe every week. If you think you know someone who should be in this gallery, you can submit a photo to be judged by the webmaster.

The Christian Guide to Small Arms
Who says guns and bibles don't mix? The Christian Guide to Small Arms is an electronic book that "makes a biblical, constitutional and historical argument that it is not only the right, but in fact, the duty of Christians to be armed." The book has photos of more than 40 weapons, tips on ammo, and recommendations on which gun clubs to join in your area. Download the book from the site before you're forced to do so at gunpoint.

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