July 11, 1997

50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
Even if you already know everything about the JFK assassination, or about the Roswell UFO crash, there are still plenty of other conspiracies to discover. For example, some people believe the theory that AIDS is a man-made disease used for a secret U.S. biological-warfare operation. There's a another theory that the Pentagon has a provocative plan to superheat the earth's ionosphere with high-frequency radio waves. Read about these theories and 48 others on this highly paranoid, yet informative, site.

Happy Noodle Boy
He's not happy. Not one bit. Think of Noodle Boy as a stick figure in dire need of a prescription for Prozac. This comic book character, created by the twisted mind of Jhonen Vasquez, is a raving lunatic who runs around scaring small children and anyone who gawks. He is known for making little, if any, sense, and he yells at doughnuts on a regular basis. Learn all about this obscure comic, or download a Happy Noodle Boy theme for Windows 95 so people at work will worry about you and your fragile sanity.

You're going to need a thimble to make these clothes. Well, they're not exactly clothes. This site has detailed instructions for seamstresses and seamsters on how to make fashionable bikinis for boys. It's a response to the fact that most stores carry women's bikini swimsuits, but not men's. The sewing tips are truly helpful to anyone wishing to make a memorable creation. So get out your needle, thread and yards of lycra to make thongs, bikinis and so much more.

The Andy Griffith Show Reruns Watchers Club
Can you whistle the theme song to the Andy Griffith Show? If you can, then join your comrades at the Andy Griffith Show Reruns Watchers Club. This fan site has an episode summary guide, news about the cast, a FAQ and even a chat room. On Miss Crump's Blackboard you can discuss trivia and memorable quotes from the series with other obsessed fans.

The Hyena Pages
One of the most misunderstood and disliked creatures of the animal kingdom has to be the hyena. Greek philosophers were convinced that hyenas were obsessed with sex. This may have something to do with the fact that hyenas have same-sex intercourse. Another folklore tidbit about the hyena has to do with a strange mythical hybrid called the leucrotta. This hyena hybrid could imitate a human voice exactly and would often use this skill to lure humans to their death. Visit this site to read more interesting facts and myths about an animal with an annoying laugh.

Lucky W
Feeling lucky? If not, check out this online illustrated guide to lucky amulets, talismans and charms from around the world. Everything from money spiders to Mexican snowglobes can bring you luck. The most bizarre symbol is the big-eared lucky buddha. It's a statue of a fat Buddha wearing a cross made from poisonous legume seeds.

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