July 18, 1997

Access Manson
Just because you're an infamous cult leader who might have encouraged your pals to murder Sharon Tate, doesn't mean you don't deserve an online fan page. This is a Web site that supposedly "lifts the shroud of lies that have for 27 years been used by self-serving individuals, the mass media, and certain California state departments and offices to cover the reality that is Charles Manson." Besides that, it has some fairly informative files on his parole hearings and trial statements, and a few photos.

Zap the Zits game
Think of the Zap the Zits game as Astroids for greasy teens. The object of this Shockwave game is to use the handy pink Buf-Puf sponge to block the dirt from getting into your pores. If you don't get all the dirt, then your pores overflow with yellow puss. Ewww.

Happy Days Online
Happy Days are here again. Well, maybe just in rerun format. If you're a fan of the Fonz, or just want to see what the cast members are up to now, then visit this site. Happy Days Online has episode summaries, a picture gallery, sound files, fan club information and so much more. Read interesting facts in the trivia section, where you will learn that Henry Winkler, who played Fonzie, was scared to death of motorcycles. Find out where cast members are now, and what they're doing. Erin Moran, who played Richie's sister Joanie, is now a born-again Christian, and Ron Howard, who played Richie, is still a successful movie director.

Payphone Project
Do you ever just want to chat on the phone with a complete stranger about your day? Or perhaps you'd like to talk to a guy waiting for the Staten Island Ferry. Now's your chance to connect with people on the phone by pure accident. This site lists numbers of payphones at subway terminals, high schools, bars, airports, waffle houses, malls, dorms and libraries all across the country. There are even a few payphone numbers listed from England. Let your fingers do the walking and have a bizarre conversation with someone who might be as bored as you.

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