August 15, 1997

Scary Women
How many times have you seen a horror movie where a woman is running from the monster in a forest and trips over a branch, leaving her helpless? This exposé on women in horror films takes a closer look at the female characters who wreak havoc, instead of weeping from it. Essays about such films as What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and Attack of the 50-ft. Woman explain why horror films with strong women characters are so important. Besides that, most of the essays have cool clips of the best parts of these movies for you to download.

It Crawled from the Bins
Everyone has an album in her record collection that might embarrass her in front of her hip friends. But what happens when your entire record collection is a library of bizarre offerings from the musical community? You do what any self-serving fan would do - show them off online. Peter Gilstrap features the best of the worst in this unusual gallery. Read about an album called Schnappsie, where "a beautiful red dachshund and a little green man" take a journey. Listen to the sound files which explain that Schnappsie is "the only dog in the world with a magic button." The site also celebrates the worlds of self-help records, lounge music and experimental sounds.

The Art Deadlines List
Not all artists are starving for attention. But if you happen to be hungry for a few pats on the back, perhaps you should visit this site. This is a one-stop page that lists national art competitions for every month. Enter your films, photography, paintings, plays and other forms of art. Many of the contests are theme-based, such as the Days of the Dead juried exhibition and the Chanukah Craft Show.

Ada Web
Sometimes you just feel like clicking. Ada Web understands a person's need to randomly click on images. With a cover page that's different everytime you visit, you'll be sure never to grow bored with this Web page. Throw out the need for traditional navigation, and click on whatever moves you.

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