Sept. 26, 1997

Wooden Nickel Historical Museum
Wooden nickels aren't just funny money, they also are cool collector's items. Some restaurants, hotels and other businesses still take wooden coins as currency. Find out if you can buy your next pizza or finance your next vacation with wooden currency.

National Academy of Mortuary Science
Looking for a new career where you can work in peace and quiet? Where the customer is always silent? Where no one will be upset if you eat your ham sandwich on the job? Then maybe you should pursue a vocation in mortuary science. Becoming a certified mortician technician is as easy as opening a coffin. This site tells you how anyone can train to be a mortician with these simple classes. There's even a sample lession on the removal of the deceased. Here's one profession that will never die.

The First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis
Fans might be worshipping Elvis a tad bit much. In this church, Elvis is the savior of rock 'n' roll. The parallels between Jesus and Elvis are stretched, yet somewhat convincing. Elvis may not have risen from the dead, but many housewives in the South have claimed to see him wandering around minimarts and Taco Bell.

If your bored with the Web already, perhaps you should stop by MetaCrawler's MetaSpy and see what other people are searching for on the Net. The site refreshes itself every fifteen seconds to show you a list of ten subjects currently being searched. If you see a subject you might be interested in, click on it and you too can see the search results. You might be surprised how many weird subjects people think they can find on the Web. A few of the oddest search requests included topics like ufology in Ontario and barbecue dust.

You probably have heard of the Tamagotchi or Giga Pets, but have you heard of the Tamagothi? It's the same kind of digital pet, only they have double the angst and wear a lot of black clothes. Have fun clicking on the Tamagothi as it morphs into a sullen Mopeygothi or an angry Industrogothi.

Meals Men Like
If the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then this site will surely be helpful in securing a Valentine for next year. Meals Men Like has recipes for artery-hardening dishes such as Frito Pie, Hawaiian Meatballs and Cherry Dream Cake.

Tiffany Online Fan Club
Now that Deborah "Don't Call Me Debbie" Gibson is making a musical comeback, some wonder what happened to the other '80s teen queen singer, Tiffany. On this fan site, you can get info on what Tiffany is up to now, a complete discography with reviews, a photo gallery and even a screen saver! The most interesting section has to be the quote page where she talks about her mall tours and how she loves to shop.

Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice
Miss Abigail has taken the best bits of advice from books published between 1877 and 1977 on such topics as dating, love, etiquette, marriage and more. Ask her a question yourself, or read the question of the week. She also has posted her bibliography of all the books in her collection in case you want to search your local bookstore for the same titles.

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