Oct. 3, 1997

Angela Martini, aka Spacegirl, is a girl who paints pop culture icons and writes stories worth reading about her teen years as a Goth. Read her recent rants about learning how to skateboard, or dive into her art gallery, which includes portraits of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

No comic strip character is sad here at Happyland, not even about Princess Diana's death, which happens to be the theme of the last four comic strips you'll see on this site. Subscribe for free comic strips to be sent to you every Monday so you won't miss any of the wisecracking fun.

The Best of David Duchovny
So you have a crush on FBI Special Agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder, do ya? Gaze at dozens of photos of Fox and other characters actor David Duchovny has played in this online gallery. Some of the better photos include David as a preppy student at Yale and, of course, his baby pictures.

Andes Expedition
Sometimes being a cold woman can be really cool. Case in point - the Inca Ice Maiden. Learn all about this artifact accidently found by anthropologist Johan Reinhard during an Andes Expedition. The National Geographic Site has created a Virtual Autopsy of the Ice Maiden so that everyone may discover what made the teenage Inca girl die and why her genetic signature doesn't match anything they have in their DNA database.

Pat Benatar Online Fan Club
Pat Benatar is more than just a singing diva from the 1980s, she's also a mom of two and this year's official spokesperson for the National Breast Cancer Association. She's also going on tour to promote her new album, Innamorata. Get the latest gossip about Pat as well as information on her latest TV appearances.

Psi Test
Ever get the feeling you might be secretly psychic? Perhaps you can tell the future and just don't know how to hone your unusual skills. Now is the time to take the Psi Test and find out. This special test is supposed to determine if you can see where circles and crosses are behind the cards. Halfway through the test you might realize that some of the images are broken. But if you were a true psychic you'd have already realized that. Good luck!

New York Subway Instruction Page
Ever taken the New York subway? If not, perhaps you should take a look at this animated guide on using the public transportation system of the Big Apple. Each section on rules of riding the subway - which include littering, smoking and bringing pets aboard - has animations to illustrate the point. This is a very clever and witty site.

Kitty Porn
There's nothing more disturbing than cute photos of cats being distributed on the Net. Find out what the Corporation is doing to put a stop to this humorous predicament. Tell them Socks sent you.

The Alchemy Virtual Library
Not every scientist is a mad one, but alchemists weren't exactly known for their logical ambitions. You might remember alchemists being the kooks trying to convert lead into gold, but did you know they were also the first doctors and scientists? This extensive library has everything you'd ever want to know about alchemy, including a list of substances and processes and John Reid's course in plant alchemy.

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