Oct. 17, 1997

Oop Stuff
Buy your punching nun puppets and sushi candles all in one place at Oop Stuff. This company makes fun toys and bizarre furniture that almost any hip kid can appreciate. Get pillows in the shapes of your favorite literary characters, or drink up some Oop! Juice that has absolutely no juice in it. Enter a drawing to win the fabulous chess game featured on the set of MTV's Real World Boston.

Tilt Works
Tilt Works sells the kind of concert posters that double as pop art. Featuring the talent of such artists as Frank Kozik and Chris Martin, these special posters are saturated in loud graphics and unusual eye candy. So if you have a bare wall or want to collect non-snobby art, visit this site.

How to Toilet Train Your Cat
If a four-year-old child can figure out how to use the toilet, you'd think your cat Fluffy could manage to use it too. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to teach your cat how to use the john just like the rest of the family. The photos of the cat on the toilet are worth looking at all by themselves. The basic concept is that you slowly wean them from using the litter box by placing it on the toilet. For more detailed questions, the site has a FAQ.

Convert a School Bus into a Motor Home
Martha Stewart would appreciate this site about one man's quest to convert an old school bus into a motor home. Bob Sokol explains why you should paint your school bus home another color besides yellow, and why you should insulate the bus like you would with a regular house. When he's finished, it actually looks really cool.

Sometimes a commercial site actually has some personality and spice to it. And some are just weird. A case in point is Quisp cereal. Actually, this product has been on the market for decades and has become almost a pop culture icon with twenty-somethings. Read Quisp's character profile, and search where you can buy the cereal. The site also has a letter you can print out and send to your local grocery store. Send a pal a Quisp postcard, and vote for your favorite Quisp toy.

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