Nov. 14, 1997

Circus Lingo
Ever want to chat like a clown or speak the native circus tongue? After you study this glossary full of circus slang you'll be talking like a true-blue carney kid. You'll be fixing broken finks, and hopefully you won't hear the "Hey Rube!" battle cry.

The International Unicycle Hockey Home Page
Hockey is a fairly violent sport by nature. Can you imagine playing a game of hockey by substituting the ice skates for a unicycle? Apparently, this is a big sport in Germany, but if you want to find a unicycle hockey club in your area, this site has a handy international directory. The site also has the rules and a FAQ to help you understand the intricacies of this bizarre version of hockey.

Stainless Studios Aftercare
Let's say you just got your navel pierced - what's the first thing you do? Scream? Put rubbing alcohol on it? Wear tight-waisted jeans? This guide explains how to take care of your special piercings so they don't grow out, or worse yet - get infected. The guide covers all piercings including navel, tongue and anything below the belt.

The Little Buffy Site
If you're a fan of the TV drama "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," then you'll enjoy this humor site paying tribute to Buffy as a child. Regular kid activities would be turned into further training for killing the undead. On this site, you'll find a funny list called "Things Buffy's Mom said to Little Buffy" and alternative Christmas lyrics to such songs as "Rudolph the Red Fanged Weredeer" and "Blessed Saint Demonica."

Cheeseburger in Paradise
A cheeseburger is a big element in many people's diet. Before you eat any old cheeseburger, go to this site, and locate the restuarants that serve the best burgers near you. Every place from vintage diners to fast-food joints is listed. Remember to use your napkin.

Strange But True
The next time you're at a bar and have nothing witty to say, use the information on this site to strike up a fascinating conversation. Did you know that ants stretch when they wake up in the morning, or that over 1,000 birds a year die from smashing into windows? The strange, but true, facts on this site will keep the yawns out of any conversation.

Card Trick Central
Do you think you have enough slight of hand to pull off a cool card trick? This site shows you how to do fun tricks such as Three Card Match and the Elmsley Pass. Search the site for tricks involving different cards, or study the card trick terminology list so you sound, as well as look, like a seasoned card shark.

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