Dec. 12, 1997

Before you eat, do you ever wonder how clean your hands truly are? After reading the information on this site, you might end up tying a Soap on a Rope to your wrist. This site is primarily a commercial site promoting various detoxification vitamins, but you'll still learn a thing or two about different parasites. For example, most parasites are microscopic, so you might notice a few hundred threadworms nesting in your colon. The best part of the site is the Rogue's Gallery, where you can see a hookworm, up close and personal.

Webpage for the Recently Deceased
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Here's the definitive guide to one of the most unusual comedies to hit the big screen. Winona Ryder got her biggest break as a moody Goth girl in this film, while Michael Keaton got to prance around in weird ghostly outfits. Tim Burton directed this masterpiece, of course. And Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo fame composed the soundtrack. Browse through the photo galleries of characters trying to scare one another, or better yet - download the videos. The sandworm sequence has to be one of the more bizarre images from the cult flick. Beetlejuice fans will not be disappointed.

Beer Gut Contest
This page will make anyone feel good about his or her body. See all the out-of-shape figures you can handle on the the Beer Gut Contest, or enter yourself! Some of the photos are a little shocking, so be prepared to see some scary images that would make anyone wish for abs of steel. Aside from these disturbing portraits, there's an abundance of information about making your own brew and appreciating a cold, frothy beverage.

UFO Folklore
Have you seen something strange in the sky lately? Maybe it was a UFO, maybe not. Read about different spacecraft sightings around the country with this extensive database. The database also has useful info on animal mutilations, abductions, the men in black, ancient aliens and more. The implant section even has photos of various implants that aliens planted in people's noses. Any UFO buff or skeptic can learn something here.

Ugly Lamp Contest
There's something almost charming about a truly ugly lamp. When you walk into a dark room it's the first thing you reach for to see where you're going. An ugly lamp might inspire you to read more while its light guides your eyes, or it might be so horrific that you stare at it instead of the TV set. Take a gander at some ugly lamps made from mannequin legs and popsicle sticks, or submit a photo of your own lighted nightmare.

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the 20th Century
So you think you may have seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary in your morning oatmeal, do ya? Now you can find out for once and for all what makes a Virgin Mary apparition legit. Actually, the site helps you determine if the person claiming to see the Virgin Mary is legit. The site also documents some of the more well-known appearances in Egypt, Japan, China and Russia.

The Precious Moments Chapel
It was Sam Butcher's dream to build a chapel with Precious Moments murals throughout. For others, it's an eerie nightmare. Sam created the cutesy figurines that drive grandmas into a friendly frenzy. The site shows off the murals of Precious Moments angels and praying children. The "Hallelujah Square" painting resembles something more out of the Wizard of Oz than the Bible.

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