Dec. 19, 1997

Madeleine Smith
Most murders can go unsolved for years. As in the case of Madeleine Smith, who was accused of murder in 1857, some murders are never truly brought to light. Madeleine was a beautiful 22-year-old entangled in a web of love and lies. Here you can read about why this woman was set free, and how her lover framed her for murder.

A musician, graphic artist, toy collector and all-around cool lad, Alex Sargent has a Web site to be proud of. If you like Tiki gods and B-movie monsters, chances are you'll enjoy his design style. To see Alex's talent firsthand, click on his electronic portfolio and see posters, pogs, record covers and Web sites he's designed.

Dani's Sunset Web Page
Sometimes you should really slow down and enjoy a sunset. If you can't manage to stay out of those late night meetings, then enjoy a nice virtual view from Dani's Sunset Web Page. Here you can look at postcards depicting sunsets from places like Canada and the Bahamas.

Baby Doe
Baby Doe has a little bit of everything for girls who want to add some sass to their online travels. The current issue of this hip zine has articles on the art behind fashion patterns for the 1960s and '70s. You can also read about creepy sculptures, celebrity eateries and Japanese candy. It also has an extensive Tiki reference section.

The Virtual Pig Dissection
If you're too squeamish to dissect a real pig, try visiting this site to learn about swine insides. The educational site goes into a step-by-step dissection of a pig so you can study its external anatomy, digestive system, respiratory system and reproductive systems. It's just as fun as dissecting a pig in science class, but you don't have to suffer through the smell.

Steve Weissman's Tykes
Tykes are the kind of comic book characters that beat up the Peanuts gang on the playground. This slightly demented story is about Li'l Bloody and Pullapart Boy, who like terrorizing one another in weird situations. See a sample of the oddball comic on this site. You won't be sorry.

The Gallery of Monster Toys
If you're still stumped for unusual gift ideas for the holidays, look no further. Go to the Gallery of Monster Toys to see what little Jimmy might want to have gift wrapped under the tree. The site has images of toys from the 1960s on up. The battery-operated Great Garloo toy is by far the creepiest!

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