Jan. 16, 1998

Injury Recovery Techniques
Skateboarding might be fun, but it sure hurts a lot when you do a kickflip on a curb and land on your tailbone. Find out what to do the next time you try to impress your pals and end up spraining your wrist while trying to ollie a trashcan.

Beth's Wall Pockets
Get rid of those unsightly white walls by loading them up with tons of wall pocket art. Wall pocket art usually consists of "wall vases" in the shapes of people, faces, animals, insects, flowers and everyday objects. Beth has a collection of more than 450 of these little sculptures.

Castle of Spirits
Nothing lights up a dull party like a good ghost story. Now instead of having to make up entertaining tales of your own, you can steal some horror stories off this site and scare your party friends. Choose from such terrifying titles as "Is it Grandpa or Not?" and "Tap on the Shoulder." Before you know it, people will be screaming and running away from you at your next party.

Spice World
Just because they've been hyped by all of the media, doesn't mean we don't want to spare you from the wrath of the Spice Girls. Now that they have their own major motion picture coming out, they've pretty much conquered every realm of entertainment except for Saturday morning cartoons. But the site does claim that the girls will be in a new PlayStation game. Egads! See why this is the band everyone seems to love to hate. This site has games, photos, video clips and, of course, sound files of their music.

Silver Spoon World
Forget collecting comic books when you can collect something much cooler - spoons! Sure enough, spoons aren't just for slurping up soup anymore - now they are art! Collect spoons with engraved pictures in the spoon or with intricate handles. On this site you'll find images of dragon spoons, monkey spoons, gemstone spoons, apostle spoons and many more.

The Bat Boy Musical
Only the Weekly World News could come up with such a weird character. Meet Bat Boy - half bat, half boy. He's a favorite character among those readers of the UFO-driven tabloid publication The Weekly World News. On this site you'll find information on the Bat Boy musical and the story too weird to believe.

Bono's Cathouse and Photo Emporium
Not every cat in America can say he has his own fan site on the Web. At Bono's Cathouse and Photo Emporium you'll find out who this special feline really is. The FAQ answers your questions about the cat as well as showcases him relaxing in St. Tropez and dining in Manhattan. If you like to see cats dressed up in little costumes, this is the site for you!

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