Feb. 27, 1998

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes
Have you ever been sent to the bing over a broken heart caused by a bim behind the eight ball? Or has some dame taken you to a drum and made you spend all your geetus on her? If you don't have a clue what a hepcat like me is yammering about, perhaps you should visit this hard-boiled slang dictionary for a brief translation.

The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs
Not even a vicious sandstorm can keep these cute little chihuahuas from revealing to us the secrets of ancient Egypt. Here you'll meet three little chihuahuas dressed like pharaohs in this educational site complete with lesson plans, a book list and clip art.

What's 75 years old and tastes like things you might find under your shoe? Vegemite! This unusual spread is made by Kraft but usually eaten only by a select number of Aussies. Sure it's got tons of vitamin B, but the best part of vegemite has to be its catchy little marketing song.

Lauren Bacall Gallery
Lauren Bacall is one of those timeless beauties who will always have a spot in the hearts of many old movie fanatics. See various photos of her on this fan site dedicated to her sultry look. You know how to get there, don't you? Just click.

The North American Lumberjack Entertainment and Timbersports site
If every time you see a lumberjack you think of Monty Python skits, perhaps you should take a gander at this site for some reeducation! The site has plenty of useful information about this unusual sport and the champions who can really climb trees fast. There's even a section all about buying the best chain saw!

If you despise Beanie Babies, check out Meanies. They claim to eat Beanie Babies for lunch, but basically they're just tasteless toys for the twisted kid in all of us. The best Meanie is Splat the Road Kill Kat.

Dinky the Dog
For all you vintage animation fans comes an obscure blast from the past with Dinky the Dog. After a recent discovery of three reels of this 1919 cartoon in someone's attic, some inspiring person took it upon himself to put the whole thing online in a series of animated GIFs. Now you too can see Dinky the Dog get into trouble in these clever little vignettes thanks to that high-tech thing called the Web.

Breakup Girl
Nothing's more complicated and painful than breaking up a relationship. But Breakup Girl is here to help. Read helpful advice on what to do when you're dumped and how to move on. Read the adventures of Breakup Girl, and sound off in a dicussion board with other broken hearts. There's even a special section where you can send your ex-lover hate mail.

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