March 20, 1998

The Quicksand Page
Just because it's called quicksand doesn't mean you'll be sucked beneath the earth quickly. In fact, according to this site you can still get out of it when you're knee-deep in the stuff. On the lighter side, the site lists movies and television shows that quicksand has made a notable appearance in, and it's not just Gilligan's Island. Even The Dukes of Hazzard had a quicksand episode!

The drive-in movie theater isn't dead, it's located at TNT Network's MonsterVision site. Here you'll find wisecrackin' host Joe Bob Briggs and sassy Reno the Mailgirl. Every weekend, Joe Bob presents a grade-B horror movie and makes snide comments right after the commercial breaks. The site itself has movie clips and reviews of all the movies Joe's showing for the week, as well as a caption contest and a chat section.

Maggot Therapy Project
When you think about cleaning someone's wounds, soap and water usually come to mind, not maggots. Apparently, these squiggly little larvae have been used throughout history to help heal wounds. During the mid-1930s, over 300 hospitals in the United States used maggots to clean infected and gangrenous wounds. Read why this unique treatment is making a massive comeback.

Polar Lights
Remember putting together model cars and airplanes with dear old dad? Now you can play hip parent or be a kid again with monster model kits from Polar Lights. Make your own Bride of Frankenstein, or reconstruct the Addam's Family haunted mansion.

Head-hunting Gallery
And you think you have a headache! Think again. How would you like to end up as a shrunken head? As probably one of the weirdest sites online, the Head-hunting Gallery has a rather informative selection of essays and facts about the history behind head-hunting and the cultures it has affected. The gallery itself is a tad gruesome, but what do you expect from a site about head shrinking?

Church of the SubGenius
If you befriended any nerdy, weird boys in college, then you probably came across this church dedicated to slacking. Download images, watch videos, and read the group's little doctrine so you know what the heck all the hype is about.

From the Files of Ron Schaffner
Ron's a concerned guy. He wants to hear all about your encounters with unusual animals so he can write about them on this site that would make any X-Files fan grin. So far, he's got weird sightings listed for Kentucky's hairless animal, a Michigan panther, the South Bay Bessie and a bipedal creature with a large head.

The John Dillinger File
Nobody played the role of Public Enemy Number One better than mobster John Dillinger. On this site, you'll learn about Dillinger's not-so-early beginnings in crime at the age of 21. You might also be surprised to find out that so many people believed that Dillinger was still alive after he'd already been buried, his father arranged to have three feet of reinforced concrete poured into the ground above the grave so no one could dig up the coffin to check for the corpse.

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