May 1, 1998

The Field Guide to North American Males
Why do guys like playing air guitar? Why do guys like girls who can chug beer? If you have more questions like these about guys, the answers are here. On the Field Guide to North American Males, you'll learn that guys fall into four basic categories: artsy, gainfully employed, athletic and casual. From there you get the subcategories most women are familar, with such as Alienated Film Boy, Alternative Rock Boy, Starving Disaffected Art Male and Slacker Boy Toy. Be sure to take lots of notes before you attempt to go on another date.

Mmmartini Lounge
Are your pals thirsty for a good cocktail? Perhaps you'd like to send that special someone a martini? Choose from lots of swanky illustrations of drinks, and attach a lounge song to your message. Bottoms up!

The Complete Collection of Men Jokes
After putting up with all the dumb blonde jokes for years, it's about time that some girls take action and laugh at a few men jokes. Here's your chance to learn a joke you can tell at the next staff meeting if you're the only gal. The site has a database of over 600 jokes. Not all are clean, so if you're easily offended, move on to the next site.

The Honeycomb Hideout
The Honeycomb Hideout is a tribute to pop culture. We're talking lunch boxes, odd thrift store finds, cult movies, urban legends, teenage heartthrobs and so much more. There's even information on David Cassidy and wacky sticker packs.

Do you sometimes get the urge to design a freeway sign? Now you can act upon your passions to make art for the interstate with SignMaker. Use the authentic "freeway font" and create a Long Island Crossing sign or maybe a bizarre exit sign. Either way, you call the shots in making the highway signs of your dreams.

UFOs, sea monsters, cults - oh my! Parascope is your online database of everything unexplained. Chances are if you dig the X-Files, you'll get a kick out of this site. There are plenty of articles on psychic detectives, voodoo queens and covert government operations to keep any believer busy for hours.

Scary Squirrel World
They might be cute and cuddly at first, but inside their little skulls lurks the evil masterminds they really are. This site tells you the scary truth about squirrels and their plans to wipe out us meek humans. Never turn your back on them. They are plotting our demise.

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