May 8, 1998

Let's Get Married in Cyberspace
Do you want to get married, but don't want to plan a big wedding? If you get married online, you don't even have to show up to the ceremony. Just type in the bride's and groom's names and vows, and before you know it, you'll be married virtually. You can even print out a wedding certificate.

Kaiju Conversations
Are you a big Godzilla fan? Does Mothra rule your sad, little world? Read interviews with people who have taken part in the making of Japanese Kaiju Eiga, or monster films. Meet the producers, directors, actors, screenwriters and composers who made these classics possible.

Litterpan Alley
No one likes changing the cat's litterbox. But for some odd reason a few people like staring at them. Go figure. Now you can try to sneak a peek at Roscoe's litterbox while he's trying to do his business. The poor cat has no privacy!

Run your own Lemonade Stand
All you need are a few lemons and a lot of determination. Here you can sell virtual lemonade with a set budget, but you have to pay rent for your little stand. It's a dog-drink-dog world, and you're at the center of it.

Facade Tarot Decks
What does your future hold? Will you ever find your soul mate? Will you land that perfect job? Ask these interactive tarot decks your most distressing questions and see what happens. You can choose from such decks as the Haindl tarot, the William Blake tarot, the Tarot of the Cat People and a few others. You can also decide if you want a single-card, three-card, Celtic-cross or a cross-and-triangle spread.

Shrink in a Box
Too cheap to visit a real therapist? Visit Shrink in a Box for a quick analysis. It may not be all that accurate, but hey - it's free!

Art Bell
Some people believe that true confessions of people's hidden agendas can be revealed through the process of reversed speech. Radio talk show host Art Bell showcases some questionable messages found by playing interviews backwards. Even President Clinton has a few RealAudio clips of some of his speeches on the site. Art Bell also has radio show clips that discuss UFOs and government conspiracy theories.

Wills on the Web
Do you have an odd feeling that maybe Elvis left you some money in his will? Or that you were such a loyal Deadhead that Jerry Garcia must have left you something? Now you can check for certain if various celebrities left you any of their worldly goods. Some of the more interesting online wills featured on this site include those of Princess Diana, John Lennon, Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe.

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