June 19, 1998

Edible Insects
A little hungry for a different kind of snack? Put down those Twinkies and eat a grasshopper. Accidently ingesting a bug isn't neccessarily a bad thing. In fact, according to this site, insects are lower in fat and higher in protein than chicken. Of course, they could just be joking. Check out the recipe for mealworm chocolate chip cookies. Yuck!

Flea Market Music, Inc.
There's something soothing about the sounds of a ukulele. On Flea Market Music, Inc., you might be surprised by its popularity. Read about how finding a ukuele in a flea market changed Jim Beloff's life. Chat with other ukuele fans, and check out special concerts and workshops in the events calendar.

FBI's Unusual Phenomena Files
It was only a matter of time before the FBI wised up to the popularity of The X-Files and succumbed to the mass of conspiracy theorists. Now on the official FBI site, you can download unusual phenomena files such as the original Project Blue Book, which concluded that UFOs did not exist. There are also 128 pages of documented records on animal mutilations associated with aliens and casebook facts on Roswell. Any Lone Gunman will appreciate these unusual files straight from the FBI.

Just the facts, ma'am. This fan site pays special tribute to the life and career of actor Jack Webb. Read articles about his work, and check out his filmography. The FAQ has trivia on both Jack and Dragnet, the TV show he made famous. There's even a section on his favorite recipes!

Crime Boss Comics
Dick Tracy wasn't the only cool crime comic around. Check out Crime Boss Comics to discover why so many comic book fans would rather collect from this genre than the typical superhero realm. The cover gallery is the best section by far, with images from comics such as Murder Incorporated and Crime Doesn't Pay.

Squirrel Fishing
This sort of has the same concept of fishing, only you obviously don't eat the squirrel. Two college students at Harvard, its engineering school no less, developed this unique sport where you try to attract a squirrel by tying a peanut to a piece of string. The person who can get the squirrel to hang on to the peanut the longest while pulling him off the ground obviously gets more points. The best parts of this site are all the photos of the cute squirrels hanging on to the strings.

Florida Department of Corrections
This may be one of the best-designed jail sites on the Web. Search for various inmates to see when they'll be released, and scarier than that - when they escaped. Apparently the site has a chart listing all escapes in the past month and whether the prisioners were in fact captured. The site also lists employment opportunities in case your life isn't stressful enough already.

Half A Cow
Photographers can be a wily bunch. Sometimes, they're just plain odd. This site proves that you don't need an entire animal in a photo to make a statement. On Half A Cow, you'll find photos taken from all over the world of cows hidden behind fences and signs.

Oh, the Humanity!
If you think Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was the worst movie of all time think again. This site is the definitive guide to the worst films eyes have ever set upon. I dare you to read movie reviews for such atrocities as Hercules II and Bikini Traffic School.

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