June 26, 1998

Planet Ketchup
French fries just aren't the same without a huge dollop of ketchup. If you want to try something a little different, go to Planet Ketchup. There you'll find recipes for weird combinations like Blueberry Ketchup, Tomato-apple Ketchup and Curry Ketchup. There's even a tomato-less recipe.

The Wonderful World of Oz
There's nothing about Dorothy and Toto on this site. This is a fan's tribute to the actor Seth Green, who plays Oz on the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has a feature part in the teen-humor flick Can't Hardly Wait. The site has lots of pictures of Seth acting on the set of Buffy, as well as sound clips and fan fiction. There's even a postcard section so you can send Seth to a friend.

Sci-Fi Wire
Did you know that the Fox Family Channel is bringing back the Addams Family TV show with all new actors? Interested in hearing about Mattel's deal to make toys based on the Mars Pathfinder mission? Look no further than Sci-Fi Wire, a news service from the Sci-Fi Channel. Every day, the site reports on anything to do with sci-fi entertainment, including television, films, the Internet, unexplained events, books, games, toys and more!

If you're sick of seeing those annoying motivational posters hanging in middle-management offices, get ready for a good chuckle on the parody poster site Dumbentia. These joke posters mimic the motivational tone, but the message has changed to promote the seven deadly sins. Print out the posters and place them proudly on your office walls.

Stuck on how to spell a word like "judgment"? Need to know how most people misspell words? Go to SpellWeb to see an experiment on which words are the most popular to misspell on Web sites.

A Tissue of Lies
One of the first things they teach students in journalism school is to make sure their sources are correct, then double check. Apparently, Stephen J. Glass opted to miss quite a few classes on journalistic ethics. This former New Republic associate editor didn't check his sources for his articles, he merely made them up all together. The sad thing is that no one noticed for two years that many of his articles were more fiction than fact. This site has his freelance articles from various suckers as the New York Times, Slate, Rolling Stone, George and Harper's Magazine. You can also read what other journalists had to say about the journalistic scam of the year. No wonder he got such great quotes!

The Darwin Awards
Sometimes humans make the silliest mistakes. Sadly enough, some mishaps can get a person killed. The Darwin Awards go to those individuals whose stupidity got them killed or critically injured, and alas thinned out the gene pool of a few more idiots. Some of the better listed on this site include a fella who crawled under a truck in order to jaywalk as opposed to going around it, and a guy who shot his leg to get a crawling spider off of it. Doh!

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