winning bid!!!
Plastic Deer

Sometimes when you're on eBay, you'll notice that what you bid on can be fairly obscure. I'm not embarrassed by my eBay purchases, but sometimes I look at the stuff I've acquired and wonder what the heck I was thinking.

I did a search on some of the past unsuccessful bids I've made and was horrified at my unusual obsessions at the time. I bid on Mr. T air fresheners, tiki vases, mannequin heads, Spice Girl notebooks, a taxidermied squirrel dressed up as a cowboy - I think you get the idea.

But this week, I won something extra cute - a plastic, jewel-eyed fawn for $8 or so. He's a nice addition to my desk at work. If only all deer looked like this one, people probably wouldn't be so apt to go a huntin'. Probably.

And I put in yet another bid for more plastic deer before those Christmas collectors start the frenzy for the holidays. Maybe I'll buy some Astroturf and make my own plastic deer habitat.