he loves his beer cans more

Growing up in Kansas and Colorado, I find it funny that I've never dated a redneck. Both my father and brother are proud rednecks, but I never managed to snag a cowboy in the goth circles I ran around with. So these dating tips are not from experience. But I swear if the right redneck struck my fancy, I'd be sure to follow this sound advice. Hee-haw!

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DISCLAIMER: By the way, these tips aren't meant to upset the actual punkers, stoners, musicians, ravers, goths and other types who visit Grrl.com. Sure not all musicians care more about their guitars than their girlfriends, and not all stoners eat tons of Ho-Hos, and not all goths wear black eyeliner, and not all ravers take E. But that's not the point. THIS IS IN JEST AND GOOD FUN. Learn to laugh at yourself a little. After all, not only have I dated all these stereotypes, but at different points of my life I was each of these stereotyoes myself -- except for the Redneck, that is.