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Seasoned author, journalist, vlogger/blogger and viral marketing expert with a rich background in print and online media seeks an editorial or marketing position creating original content or editing a website. Also available for freelance projects, contract assignments or media commentary.

What I Can Bring to the Table:
A recent search on my name yields 10,000 plus hits! Thanks to my Web site, which gets over 1 million hits a month, and the writing I have done in the last 15 years for various magazines and Web sites, I attract a following. My expertise addresses the growing market of women between the ages of 18-30 and teens, as well as in transmedia storytelling and viral marketing.

As the founder of one of the first women's pop culture web sites -- -- I have been featured in Entertainment Weekly magazine, Tech TV, CNN Headline News, E! Network, Online Journalism Review, Print, Fast Company, BBC and Yahoo!

Listen to a recent interview with me from here.


  • Senior Editor and Online Content Developer, Lucasfilm, Ltd.
    San Francisco, Calif. (May 2003-current)

Write daily content (including cast/crew interviews, movie news and product information) for and
Write daily content on the Official Blog.
Created and admin Star Wars Blogs.
Maintain Kids section of which includes drawing tutorials, original crafts and fun educational articles.
Created Star Wars Rocks section where I interview bands, actors, authors and celebs about their love for the films.
Expertise in viral marketing, transmedia storytelling and general marketing Star Wars to teen girls.

Editor and content writer for Jitter Fingers (initial product of Virtual Corral, LLC. ) -- a social networking site and entertainment/fashion/shopping destination for tween girls.
Write daily and weekly content polls, widgets, book and magazine reviews, and more.
Viral market site through blogging and social network outreach.

Wrote daily Singles LoveScopes and GreenScopes horoscopes for -- the Internet's most popular astrology destination. Ranked the #1 online destination for women with 31.4 million unique visitors (comScore MediaMetrix), offers an authentic community infused with compelling content.

In my column Grrl Gets the Goods, I covered everything from GenX pop culture topics to unusual Web sites. I also moderated various sections about collectibles, illustration, gardening and books.

Created and wrote the weekly teen fictional blog -- Kieradotcom.

Wrote weekly horoscopes for the site - reaching over 20 million subscribers. Also contributed to the weekly, personalized newsletter.

In charge of the editorial direction of Wrote/edited content for Also wrote monthly newsletter. Programmed content for the Artist Discovery Network (AOL Music channel).

  • Senior Content Editor, Excite@Home
    Redwood City, Calif. (1996-2001)

* Senior Entertainment Editor
Defined the personality and editorial voice of the broadband entertainment content in Music, Movies, Celebs and TV.

* Senior Web Waste Editor
Created and produced the GenX channel Web Waste and the Phreaky Phriday Phun Linx column.
Also wrote, produced and hosted the weekly vlog series "Ask Bonnie" and "Ask @Sock." Watch episodes on YouTube and Myspace.

* Senior Just Kids Editor
Developed and produced the personality and editorial voice of the Just Kids channel. Wrote and edited daily editorial packages with topics covering both entertainment and education. Created the Homework Helper channel - which featured specialized help in math, English, the arts, world history and languages.

  • Web Editor, eWorld
    Apple Electronic Media Lab
    Boulder, Colo. (1995-1996)



  • DJ and Programmer - Grrl Radio
    San Francisco, Calif. (2001-2003)
    Listed as a top station on both and iTunes.
  • Vlog Host - Ask Bonnie/Ask @Sock
    Excite@Home Network
    Redwood City, Calif. (1997-2001)
    I answered viewer emails on everything to do with Pop Culture (ukuleles, cowboys, troll dolls, UFOs, bad food, ghosts, etc.) Sometimes a sock puppet named @Sock would stand in for me -- though it really is me -- just as a sock puppet!
  • Music Video VJ - Subculture
    San Francisco, Calif. (1996-1998)
  • Music Video VJ - Teletunes
    Denver, Colo. (1994-1996)
  • Music Director/DJ - KUCB Radio
    Boulder, Colo. (1992-1995)

    Founder and Editor-In-Chief of (1996-current)

Created/edit a Web site devoted entirely to girl/women issues, as well as humorous commentary on pop culture, lifestyle, relationships and entertainment topics. With thousands of hits a day, this is a well-known site among most Web surfers.

Roger Black, Chairman of Danilo Black Inc. and author of the book Web Sites That Work, has said about the site in an interview in Fast Company magazine, " takes you back to the days when the Web was just for fun." has been profiled in such magazines as Entertainment Weekly, Wired, Fast Company, Print, Yahoo Internet Life, Torch, Escape, Minx, and Teen, as well as the books The Real Bettie Page: The Truth About the Queen of the Pin-Ups by Richard Foster, Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Dating and Relating by Joe Schwartz, Net Chick: A Smart-Girl Guide to the Wired World by Carla Sinclair and The Exclusive Book for Web Elitists by Tor Hyams.

    Familiar with the following software on both Mac and Window-based computer systems: Quark, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, BBEdit, digital photography, Excel, Quicken, FoxPro, and FileMaker Pro.

    B.S. in News Editorial, University of Colorado at Boulder,
    College of Journalism & Mass Communication

    B.A. in English Literature, University of Colorado at Boulder,
    College of Arts and Sciences

(Available Upon Request)