Articles on Roger Black

Articles/Bios on the Guru

In New York and the design community worldwide, Roger is famous for his design and fonts. These are just a sampling of places you'll find information and news about Roger Black and his work.

Danilo Black USA

Interactive Bureau ala Paris

Interactive Bureau London

Roger at the Font Bureau

Roger Black's Favorite Bookmarks
Fast Company
Oct. 2001

Roger Black: The LiNE Zine Lumpy Interview
-- by Brook Manville Line Zine

Roger at profile
The Standard
May 24, 2001

Roger Black on the art of web design
-- by Jeremy Schlosberg
Media Life magazine
Feb. 2001

Turning His Eyes to the Internet,
With His Compass Set South

-- by Jane Levere
New York Times
Jan. 8, 2001

God Bless Roger Black
-- by Jeffrey Zeldman
April 2000

Newspaper designer moves to Web
-- by Keith L. Alexander
USA Today
Aug. 19, 1999

Roger Black Has Designs on the Web
-- By Joan O'C. Hamilton
Business Week
May 12, 1999

Meet Roger Black
-- By Michael Wolff
New York Magazine

Shades of Black
-- By Ingrid Becker

Secrets of the Mac Pros: Roger Black

It's Alive!

Adobe Web Center Features: Roger Black

Roger Black
(an interview with him about his travels)
-- By Don George
November 1997

Blacklisted -- a review of this site
-- By Katherine Nelson
Print magazine
July/August 1997

Lamenting E-Mail's Lack of Identity,
A Designer Tries to Re-Personalize Net Letters

-- By Matthew Mirapaul
The New York Times
June 5, 1997

New Medium Is His Message
-- By Greg Miller
LA Times
Monday, June 2, 1997
Business section

Roger Black Brings His Art to the Web
San Francisco Chronicle
May 1997

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