Roger Black Words of Wisdom
Write that down!

Roger has a way with words. He can make just about any wrist-gnawing meeting interesting. I've seen it happen with my very own bloodshot eyeballs! Here is just a mere sampling of what Roger has been known to say in meetings, to his phone service or to himself.

"For a publication to appear on the
Internet without its own
typeface is like going on TV
naked," Black pontificated.

"I hate you all,
starting with YOU!"
-- Roger Black at @Home content staff member

"I've designed more magazines than you'll ever read!"
-- Roger to an unknown hapless victim standing by his desk

Throw Away!
I'll Take It!"
-- Roger yelling at his phone service, Wildfire

" That's what we're building here...
a community of dupes."
-- Roger overheard talking on the phone.

"Black, you're a genius!"
-- Roger to himself

"When I was 23 years-old, I had my OWN assistant."
-- Roger at @Home staff meeting trying to convince everyone he needed help with something.

"Je suis Roger Black."
-- Roger on phone trying to reach the Paris office of IAB.

"Perhaps he should consider the growth opportunities in an industry such as dry cleaning!"
-- Roger referring to an intern applicant who chose to intern at Hotwired over @Home Network.

"I think I need a bigger hula hoop."
-- Roger talking in a conversation regarding Etch-A-Sketches and hula hoops.

"Community is shit. Community is like YMCA."
-- Roger in regards to using the word "community" in a button interface.

"This music is pathetic.
I feel like I'm working at a goddamn Denny's."
-- Roger commenting on the music played at work.

"One client in the flesh is worth two clients on the phone."
-- Roger says on the phone.

"I've forgotten more than you'll ever learn."
-- Roger says to someone over the phone.

"It's like putting the chickens before the cart before they hatch."
-- Roger suggests I put this quote somewhere on this page.

"Never be photographed next to a supermodel with your shirt off."
-- Roger says in regards to a photo of him posing with model Christie Brinkley.

"The poor are always with us."
-- Roger says in regards to @Home subscribers using old computers.

"Asking someone if they like your Web site is like asking them if they like your dog."
-- Roger says in an interview at MSN's TV show The Site, when they ask him if he likes their Web page.

"I believe in living in the, I mean the present."
-- Overheard Roger saying at work.

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